What is the Purpose of the “I’m Going” Button?

Events on Commingly are automatically integrated with a counter button known as the I’m going button. This button counts the number of visitors who will presumptively attend your event. Your calendar visitors are allowed to click on the I’m going button once per event (so individuals won’t spam a single event with numerous clicks).

Commingly's I'm going button

Commingly’s I’m going button, sometimes used for event attendance tracking (custom color changes are possible through the premium subscription).

To explain what the I’m going button is and what it’s not, here is a short list that summarizes the button’s primary uses.

The “I’m going” button is used to:

1. Organize events in your monthly calendar:

The I’m going button is used to organize your events (on the monthly version of your calendar) in descending order based on its counter. In other words, your monthly calendar is organized based on your most going events.

For example: Let’s assume that you have 4 events taking place on the same day:

  • Brentwood Art Festival has has 7 people saying that they will attend this event (through the I’m going feature).
  • Taste of Encino has 12 people saying that they will attend this event (through the I’m going feature).
  • South Bay Walk to Defeat ALS has 16 people saying that they will attend this event (through the I’m going feature).
  • Fresno Hydrocephalus Walk has 5 people saying that they will attend this event (through the I’m going feature).

These events will automatically rearrange to display the most going events on top with the lowest going events on the bottom. See the below image to see how it will display on the monthly calendar version of your calendar:

How events are organized in the monthly version of the calendar.

Events in one day of the monthly calendar are organized based on the event’s attendance count.

These same events will also rearrange when your visitor clicks on the “+1 more events” pop-up view in the calendar:

Pop-Up Calendar View of Commingly Calendars

Events on the “+1 Events” pop-up will also be arranged on its attendance count.

2. Event attendance tracking:

The I’m going button counts how many of your online visitors will attend your event through a number (names or other personal information won’t be recorded). Like this, you can familiarize yourself with the events have the most attendants based on your web calendar or is otherwise preferred by your online web visitors. This thus can help you plan and schedule your future events more appropriately to meet your audience’s wants.

Commingly's I'm going counter button

This specific event has 8 people saying that they will attend.

3. To engage users:

You give your online website visitors an option to ‘participate’ in your events by letting them have their own ‘vote’ for the events they plan or wish to attend.

Now that we have discussed some of the uses of the I’m going button, let us clarify what it is not:

1. A register feature:

This button is not a “register” option (as of now). This means that visitors who click on the button won’t be redirected to a sign-up form where they can buy tickets, sign up to a guest list, etc.

2. An ‘exact’ estimation of who will attend your event:

Please take into consideration that anyone who views your events can click on the I’m going button. There also other attendees who may find your events through other means of communication and thus will not click on this button. The I’m going button is primarily to support engagement towards your events, calendar, and overall website but can also used to find an approximate estimation of how many of your online visitors plan to attend your events.

That being said, we still have plans on evolving the I’m going button as a social and event attendance tracking feature. Do stick around as we plan to update this feature continuously.

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