3 Businesses and Organizations that Can Benefit Immensely from an Online Calendar System

Advantages of an Online Calendar System

Several factors come into play when running a successful business. Efficiency with time is one

such aspect critical to an organization’s success. So too is keeping your community, users

and/or customers informed of what’s happening in your organization.

For business owners and organization leaders who are looking to conquer these challenges, the

solution resides in calendar integration. Regardless of whether the calendar is integrated into

your website as a simple agenda on its own page, or a thoroughly complex system that several

individuals can access and update, once you embrace the power of this technology, you’ll

wonder how you ever managed to run things without an online calendar system.


Below are just a few types of businesses and organizations that can benefit from an integrated

calendar on their website:

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A way to add recurring events to your calendar

As many of you have requested, we have updated our calendars so that you are now able to submit recurring events. We know it’s been quite a hassle duplicating an event or adding a specific event repeatedly over a period of time. But now, with this new recurring feature, you will be able to save some time and add events more efficiently. Enjoy this new calendar feature!

You can use this new feature for free on your add event page after you login.

Commingly Calendars are now International!

After numerous requests, we are proud to announce that Commingly calendars are now international event calendars.

What does this mean?

This update means that you can now add events to any country, state, or city in the world! Before, our users only had the option to add events in the U.S. However, given various feedback, requests from international users, and the Commingly team personally wanting to go international for some time now, we finally completed and released this exciting feature.

So how can I add a new city?

The process is simple, here’s how it is done:

1. Let’s suppose that I’m trying to add an event on my Commingly calendar for the city of Hollister, California. However, the city doesn’t pop-up in Commingly’s input city box. I will then have to add Hollister as a city and will do so by clicking on the “Add New City” link in the Add Event page.

Hollister, California does not pop-up in the input box, so I will click on 'Add New City'

Hollister, California does not pop-up in the input box, so I will click on “Add New City.”

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What is the Purpose of the “I’m Going” Button?

Events on Commingly are automatically integrated with a counter button known as the I’m going button. This button counts the number of visitors who will presumptively attend your event. Your calendar visitors are allowed to click on the I’m going button once per event (so individuals won’t spam a single event with numerous clicks).

Commingly's I'm going button

Commingly’s I’m going button, sometimes used for event attendance tracking (custom color changes are possible through the premium subscription).

To explain what the I’m going button is and what it’s not, here is a short list that summarizes the button’s primary uses.

The “I’m going” button is used to:

1. Organize events in your monthly calendar:

The I’m going button is used to organize your events (on the monthly version of your calendar) in descending order based on its counter. In other words, your monthly calendar is organized based on your most going events.

For example: Let’s assume that you have 4 events taking place on the same day:

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How to Share Event Photos and Comments?

In order to increase interaction with your online visitors and attendees, Commingly implemented a feature that lets you and your attendees share event photos and comments.

Maybe you want to display a summary of photos & comments on your website, want to show your website visitors how fun or informative your events are, or maybe an attendee took an amusing photo at one of your events and wants to share his/her own experience of the event. Regardless of what it is, the Share Photo/Comment button is a way for you and your attendees to express themselves through a collection of experiences. Here, I will provide an example of how you can share a photo or comment so your website visitors can view these memorable experiences:

How the admin from a calendar can share event photos & comments:

Let’s assume you hosted an event, called The Community Brunch. You want to share a photo from this event on your website for everyone to see. Here are the steps:

1. Click on the Share Photo/Comment button on the event’s detail page.

sharing event photos and comments

1st step of Commingly Experiences feature

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Introducing Commingly

How did Commingly come about?

Commingly started as an events listing directory in 2013. At the time, visitors to our site were able to browse and submit events to inform locals what is happening in their surrounding communities. Organizations and individuals submitted these events to Commingly in order to better inform and cater to their audience, which in result, increased their event attendance. Over time, we’ve noticed that these same individuals and organizations who kept submitting events to our website had websites of their own where they could potentially have added events to in order to boost their web presence.

Commingly image as of 2013.

Commingly event calendars in March 2013.

With some research done, we found out that in order for individuals and organizations to embed a calendar widget on their website, the calendars needed to:

  1. Be more social & modern than current calendars.
  2. Be affordable and easy to use, in other words, not be overpriced as existing calendar providers.

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